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To do list

Fri Apr 11, 2014, 11:50 AM

:bulletorange: More art about Briza  -->  Here

:bulletorange: More adopts  -->  Here

:bulletorange: More PM free skins  -->  Here

:bulletorange: Skin for AzizrianDaoXrak --> Done 

:bulletorange: Skin for zhusanna --> Done 

:bulletorange: Skin for minakomori --> Done

:bulletorange: Skin for emmy1320 --> Done

I am done with the nasty studying (For now at least).

Today was a yuky day for me and my colleagues (9 of us) .. We had two exam sessions .. Each is formed of 75 MCQs and lasts for two hours .. The first session was just .. Uhhh .. Bloody horrible .. None of us was sure they will pass it OTL 

Anyway, I am free for one month till the results come out .. to vent my stress .. I went to the market with the resolve of buying the ingredients to make a fondant decorated cake!

My greatest motivation was ginkgografix's masterpiece here:

Rose Cake + Video by ginkgografix

I searched for the ingredients .. but TnT .. 

I didn't find any fondant ready mix or dough .. Then I looked for ingredients to make one from scratch .. using marshmallow and confectionery sugar .. The sugar wasn't as soft as needed btw ... I didn't find decent food colors other that rouge/red ones .. >_>

Ah .. Everything was a mess .. too stick .. too lumpy .. the color turned more pinkish than red .. It was a horrible experience for me .. I hated myself for screwing both the exam and the fondant making .. 

Well not too sure I screwed the exam yet (Meet me in a month and I'll tell you if I'm screwed) ;o;

Then again about the cake .. I forgot to add some adherent/ jam/cream to make the fondant stick to the cake .. It was hilarious and sad at the same time seeing my family remove it so easily to eat the cake itself .. They love my cakes .. but my fondant sucks as it seems :hmm:

A link for my sad experience ..

At the end, I will try to forget all the messy things above this line .. I'll start a new .. Draw again and make skins, chibis and adoptables .. I want to start again so badly ;v;

(Maybe I'll try another fondant recipe later on) .. QvQ

End of activities

Sat Apr 5, 2014, 12:36 AM

Hi my dears .. :wave:

I tried to finish off all my unfinished activities here on DA for now

I will lie low as my exam is this Wednesday ;^;

It was a very stressful month for me (I may not show it but I cried a few times due to exam stress) .. Thank goodness I have DA to fool around and loose the stress ;o;

I'm so eager to restart drawing again and open my commissions too :eager:

So again and again .. I'll miss you .. Wish me good luck :love:

N.B: I heard that on the 7th of April .. DA will make a free premium membership day .. How cool is that .. Have fun and enjoy my free skins on your way :la:

Briza Pixel Contest Winner

Tue Apr 1, 2014, 7:10 AM

All of the enteries for my pixel contest were utterly cute and adorable QvQ .. Thanks for everyone who participated or spread the word about it .. 

The winner is:

Will get 500 points

Briza by Kopitu

My other favourite:

Will get 50 points each

CE: Briza (with rain drop) by TannywantanBriza by destinyrose09
Contest Entry [Briza] by SpoCk-emon
Nesmaty contest+ by KaetlynShaeMCE - Briza Pixel Doll by FelixDcemone

The rest of entries:

Will get 20 points each

Pixel: Briza by Tannywantan.: Entry :. Briza icon by Hiikary-chanMy contest entry for Nesmaty's contest-Briza Icon by emma-liciousCE: Briza by TannywantanContest Entry: Briza by jarritoSODA89CE - - Briza by Kiiasuki

Thank you all for participating :heart:

500 points giveaway closed

Mon Mar 31, 2014, 1:28 PM

Hugs and feature of you closed

Fri Mar 28, 2014, 1:57 AM

There were so much hugging and so many hugs yesterday .. And as usual I was away .. damn the exam .. 

Hug a Deviant by alexskyline

Anyway ..

Lots of sweet hugs for everyone .. :iconsweethugplz:

Lots of deadly hugs for those who deserve it .. :icondeathhugplz:

Now as a greedy person as I am actually .. :plotting: .. I want so many hugs .. yeah .. so ..

The deal:

Hug me in the comments below and link me to a deviation of yours and I'll feature it .. :evillaugh:

Gamer Buddies by celesse

Your feature:

Azzy icon by Mittsu-chanHow to deal with bullies by Terminator78I......I don't like you...... by CrystalTheRenahogChristmas Girl by TektohBionicle MOC: Turaga Kumignasi by 3rdeye88Tree Hug by gigi50Tailmouth oc! ((Plus a little cameo by sugarpeaz)) by uxieiscoolTrades of Hope by LCextrordinaireyer hoggin all the sun by MARoyLucky by theblackwonderlandWinter Outfit Adopts (2/2 OPEN) by IRL-SnowQueenRarityKitten Adopts- only 2 points each by fluffycupcakes21GIFT= Elsa by Aizu-chanInfinity Means Forever by MissDarkAngel167Ball night by Rinoa-Light-LeonhartHorizons 7 by Rockonbradleafflight by zoogrrlEaster Bunnies ~ Candle holder by ginkgografixArt Gallery Layout/Com by poserfanCleo by ChaoticFluffballAllium Fancy and Frosted by gigi50Child's Play by HumanPinCushionHandstand by bluenightwolf
Hold On To Me                                       
                                   Tell me, Tell me
                                  What you all see
                              This is one part of me
                              I can still remember
                             Long ago in slumber
                              That February day
Cardcaptor Sakura by transformice11Rabbit Tribal by arielyininglohDresses by storm-thunder-demon
The Special Ones. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. In that kingdom were happy town folk, who were prosperous, friendly people. Not all were rich, but they had plenty of money to have a huge dinner at the table every single night. Their queen was a special one. No one knows her name, or how she came to be, but she had special powers. She could grow wings and fly. She also had a magical power. Now this was not your ordinary, "Abracadabra" spell you see the magicians doing on the streets to entertain the folk. No nothing like that. This power, was much different.
 We cannot start our story there though. We shall start it when the queen was discovered. When she was known as the "angel". This was before the humans had any shelter, or a reliable food and water source. Everyday, they'd search for SOMETHING. But nothing would be, or could not be found. Every night, a figure could be seen in the remaining sun rays of the sunset. A winged woman. She would drop these little specs of light. Wheneve
Who wanna collabration with me? by KunYKAJade by Neon-FrostSpectreon -Contest Entry- by xPanduxTWO WAYS 2 by Kartik786Uba and Feeshehs by confetticandie{CLOSED} #8 - 11 by OhSquishyField Of Bloom by MelanycoChiasa, SHSL Thief by MidnightMoonKidPinkieeee by ToRnUPArts

Lovely adopts feature

Wed Mar 26, 2014, 7:56 AM

As I'm trying to make progress in the adoptable category but unable to give full time to drawing now ;o; .. I'm just lurking around and watching these cutie adopts .. Give them lots of love plz :heart:


<da:thumb id="442842346"/>OPEN Adopt #11 AUCTION // by BlauniiKyu Kyu [ CLOSED ] by SliptomCloud Tails adoptables AUCTION :CLOSED by Tammi-Adopts[C] SET PRICE: Emergency Adopts by Princeux{ Pay 2 use II } by len-kiCat-Taurs Adoptables [OPEN] by Silhou-etteADOPTABLE AUCTION #1 [ CLOSED ] by A1SUAdopt Auction [Paypal + Points] [Closed] by RyisChibitaur Batch (1/6 OPEN) by Kariosa-Adopts-Customs for Kavaro- by Voodoo-Elf{ stream customs } by LinoleumItalics


Custom adopt for QueenTiara - frozen bunny by DinowAdoptsFlower Kitten Auction ~ CLOSED ~ by ForeverFluffyAdoptsnew foxie dopts by PonachoKitty Point Adoptable ( CLOSED ) by Gooey-Adopts[Adoptable : open] by GeXeHeNNaadoptable critters candy kitten -open- by P1nk-ChampagneCirus - Foxykarkat by delicaciesKoi -Vanillettes by delicaciesBrooke - Jaiharock by delicaciesAdena - Chinzapep by delicacieschibi pony adopts: batch 2 by Cerynitianadoptable ((SOLD)) by ZivaraLamb pony adoptable(Auction OPEN) by Ninjagoponies


Pink Dragon Adoptable!! SOLD! by pendrakeonFluff dragon adoptables 3 by HighFinnGlaucus Atlanticus dragon adopt // taken by Toothphaste[Open] Adoptable - Dragon by VersaortRune Dragon [CLOSED] by CaesolBase Test: Dragons by LeniProductionCustom adopt for QueenTiara - night sky dragon by DinowAdoptsBaby Dragon Adoptables [ 5 points ] CL0SED by 0SashaTheFox0Dragon Adoptables [0/8 Open] by Mulch-AdoptsPilot Bunpanp for Adopt [CLOSED] by RayTsume

500 points pixel contest 1 day left

Tue Mar 18, 2014, 7:18 AM

I'm so happy with my new OC .. Briza

I want to make more art about her (Well later after exams blah blah)

Then .. How about having some awesome pixel art for her .. hmmm!
Briza by Nesmaty


:bulletgreen: Make a pixel art of Briza
:bulletgreen: Can be a chibi pixel, an icon pixel ..etc
:bulletgreen: Better if backgroundless
:bulletgreen: Unlimited entries but only one wins
:bulletgreen: Credit if you used others' bases
:bulletgreen: Prize 500 :points:
:bulletgreen: Deadline 1st of April 2014
:bulletgreen: Entries can be seen here ..… :new:

Have fun & good luck :iconcocoloveplz:

Good luck to me

Sun Mar 9, 2014, 8:58 AM

Exams again

I'm shooting to be a full pledged anesthesiologist .. meh .. and for that I have to cram in for the rest of March and half of April .. These are only the primary exams though ;v;

So what??

Means that .. my submissions will decrease .. my message replies will be slower too .. :saddummy:

Then how about commissions

Closed .. closed ..closed!
So .. wish me goodluck .. Love you guys .. :iconcocoloveplz:

Y D I M B S 2 All Done

Fri Feb 28, 2014, 9:39 PM

Your Doodles In My Beauty Salon (Y.D.I.M.B.S)

I have finished ;u;

That big List ;v;

All done ;3;

I love myself now ;o;

Back to my studies ;^;

My adopts

Still waiting to sell them .. So give them some love ;U;

Nesmaty Adoptes: 6 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 5 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 4 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 2 by Nesmaty

Already Sold

Nesmaty Adoptes: 3 (SOLD) by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 1 (SOLD) by Nesmaty


:bulletblue: Check my 1st salon in here Your Doodles In My Beauty Salon Closed

:bulletblue: You link me to a simple doodle of one of your characters/OCs

:bulletblue: I'll try and make it into a more clean and colorful chibi (More beautiful maybe)!

:bulletblue: Even if the doodle is bad .. It's better to have special features in your OC .. as long as it's not just a girl or boy.

:bulletblue: Only faces or bust ups wont do!

:bulletblue: It'll help to give me some color scheme for the OC .. Other wise I'll color it however I please!

:bulletblue: If I accept your doodle into my Beauty Salon .. I'll put you in the waiting list.

:bulletblue: Now .. all to do is just comment below and link me your doodle!

Work is done

The winners are:

1st: Rockonbrad --> gets a chibi (Backgroundless)
2nd: AngelAmy99 --> gets a skin (Simple one)
3rd: shy-ddalki --> gets 300 points

Congrats to all :clap:

For the 1st and 2nd winners .. Note me to claim your prizes plz!



:bulletblue: Three winners .. 
1st gets a chibi (Backgroundless)
2nd gets a skin (Simple one)
3rd gets 300 points

:bulletblue: Fave this journal

:bulletblue: Become my watcher (If you are not yet!)

:bulletblue: Spread the word about it (Optional)

:bulletblue: Winners will be selected randomly (Via a random number generator software)

:bulletblue: Deadline will be on 1st of March 2014.
Goody good luck to all :iconcocoloveplz:

Beauty Salon

Thus .. I'm thinking of opening it soon :la:

My adopts

Still waiting to sell them .. So give them some love ;w;

Nesmaty Adoptes: 6 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 5 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 4 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 2 by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 3 (SOLD) by NesmatyNesmaty Adoptes: 1 by Nesmaty

Birthday wishes Thanks

Thu Feb 20, 2014, 9:47 PM

Thank you guys for the fabulous amount of sweet birthday wishes!

This is why DA community is the best .. All of its kind deviants never fail to amaze you!

I'm really fortunate to have all of your support and warm feelings .. Whether they're directed toward me, my skins or my little drawings.

As for my birthday itself .. We had a little cozy and intimate celebration at home with my husband and my family .. Nothing fancy but enjoyable enough.

Thank you guys .. Wish you all the best .. :iconcocoloveplz:

The Idea

:bulletblue: I've been thinking about this for sometime already .. 

:bulletblue: Here's the thing .. It's not a commission (Not yet anyway)!

:bulletblue: Kinda like a collab (Just for practice)!

The process

:bulletblue: You link me to a simple doodle of one of your characters/OCs

:bulletblue: I'll try and make it into a more clean and colorful chibi (More beautiful maybe)!

:bulletblue: Even if the doodle is bad .. It's better to have special features in your OC .. as long as it's not just a girl or boy (Also only faces / bust ups wont do) .. It'll help me in the process!

:bulletblue: If I accept your doodle into my Beauty Salon .. I'll put you in the waiting list.

:bulletblue: Now .. all to do is just comment below and link me your doodle!

Work is done

The Waiting list's closed

It'll be open again in the future <3


:boogie: .. Thnx for your responses!

❤ Have a great Valentine!

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

❤ Thank you Celvas for this Heart Nesmaty by Celvas

❤ Love you guys!

I need help solved

Sat Feb 8, 2014, 1:54 AM

Hi guys .. If there's someone among you who:

Have a credit card
Using Paypal in deviantART
Using the commission widget

Then please note me asap coz I'm really a noob at this and need your help >w<""

I'd really appreciate it sooo much ..

Kao Emoji-58 (Heart Beat Kyun) [V3] by Jerikuto .. Thnx a lot to xXPoisonAdoptsXx

❤ Have a great Valentine!

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

❤ Thank you Celvas for this Heart Nesmaty by Celvas

❤ Love you guys!


Mon Feb 3, 2014, 12:34 AM

:heart:A special give away for Valentine's Day:heart:

Ended & the winners are:

:heart: Winners were TheSapphireWolfFox & their friend NeonTheFlameFox

:heart: The raffle was awesome in the part where you mention the name of someone close to you and then they know how much they matter to you!

:heart: If you look closely to the comments below you'll see what I mean :aww:

:heart: Anyhow .. Have a wonderful Valentine guys .. Wait for more raffle/events soon! :blowkiss:

Be My Valentine by Nesmaty

Entering is easy ... Only follow the rules:

:heart: Mention someone close to you in DA

:heart: If you win .. Both of you will get 500 points.

:heart: Fave this journal

:heart: Become my watcher

:heart: Spread the word about it (Optional)

:heart: One of you will be selected randomly (Via a random number generator software)

:heart: Deadline will be on 14th of February 2014.

Goody good luck to all :iconcocoloveplz:

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

More Cute Valentines

Sat Jan 25, 2014, 9:17 AM

More love plz

Vintage Valentine - Kitten by DemonGemini6Valentine by BritLawrenceTake our love ? by supperfroggHappy Alpacalentines by QinniValentine by KawikuValentine Cupcake by theresahelmerPuzzle by kusodesignlove letters by diamondririFriends Valentines by Mirz123
Sylveon Valentine by dexikon

These are awesome

BeMineWordHeart by TheGalleryOfEveLove Level by Egil21Valentines Day by KmyGraphicHeart - Free by KawikuYou're just my type. by pica-aeLove Cupcake - Free dA Icon by r0se-designsvalentine 2014 by sewer-pancakevalentine 2014 by sewer-pancakeLoveYou by KmyGraphicBlue Frog - Love by SabakuNoShiVillager by IkueIf My Heart Was a House by iAmoretBe My Valentine by ZeamayLove Hearts by SaviroosjeValentine- You're Precious! by Lilith-the-5thFallen for you Valentine by HappbeeStrawberry Sweet Valentine by golden-quinceValentine's Penguin 2014 by B-KeksHave a Warm and Fuzzy Valentines Day by Katmomma

Enjoy your Valentine guys

Heart Pralines Pendant by PetitPlatScented Heart Sugar Cookies by pinknikkiValentine's Day Cake Slice Charms by Xiiilucky13Valentine's Creeps by mintconspiracyValentine Twin Dragons by SneakyCinnamonValentine Colored Plushies by Love-WhoBe My Valentine by FizziMizziValentine Kitty by aruarian-dancerRed Heart by aubergina87Be my Valentine Stamp by poserfanFree Icon: Valentine's card by SinfullyCute


Thank you for everyone who sent me a cute and honest Valentine .. Love you guys! :heart:

Be My Valentine by Nesmaty

Have a nice day .. :iconcocoloveplz:

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Texture Feature

Sat Jan 4, 2014, 2:57 AM

Texture 0045 by xDeepLovex
Texture 117 by cloaks
Wet Ink Splatters by BenHinman
Texture 464 by Sirius-sdz
Texture 33 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
Texture 101 by Voyager168
Molten Gold Texture [Tileable | 2048x2048] by FabooGuy
Leaf Texture Frosted Stock by wuestenbrand
Cracked Pavement (Free Texture) by dinodude511
Texture 30 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
Texture 29 by NinjaRabbit-Stock

❤ Have a nice winter guys!

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2014 wishes

Fri Dec 27, 2013, 4:11 AM

Join in the wishes parade

Care to join us and mention your friends here and wish them a happy new year .. Plz feel free to do so!!

For me ...

I wish all of you a happy new year and specially .. 

If your name wasn't mentioned and you feel kinda sad or ignored .. then blame my stupid memory and comment below to show me you are a better person than me :p

❤ Have a nice winter guys!

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Help with hot winter recipes

Thu Dec 5, 2013, 6:40 AM

I know my way around the kitchen .. I can cook on an average scale!

I just can't help it if winter meals are just the same .. I want to put my hands on new ones (For my hubby's sake) .. Emote Cuddle Love 

So can you help me .. SIMPLE ones .. Where I can find their ingredients anywhere .. Sweet or regular ones .. I'd really appreciate any tip!

I really want to know what you cook usually on a really cold day!!


Thank you .. This is for you

As a thank-you for all of who gave me such nice ideas .. A little recipe from me .. I cook it in case of deadly cold emergency .. It warms you and is pretty delicious .. However, don't cook it all of the time or your family will get bored of it .. (Like mine) .. XD

The recipe

3/4 cup of quick oatmeal
1/2 cup of coconut
1/4 cup of sugar
1 1/2 cup of milk
1 full teaspoon of cinnamon -> necessary

Makes three servings .. Mix all together and heat slowly till the oatmeal start to swell and make a thick mixture .. then boil quickly and stir well .. put in a bowel that keeps the heat .. decorated with almonds or pieces of chocolate up to you  .. Served hot!

Ah .. I don't know what it's called .. I kinda made it up one day so .. Bunny Emoji-08 (Lalala~) [V1] 

❤ Have a nice winter guys!

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Winter Feature

Sun Dec 1, 2013, 10:30 AM

December 1st <-- Click it!

Night Winter Sky by emantemplarJunta_8974 by echiaxThe Winter Tales - Silk by JacintoMantuelIn der Weihnachtsbaeckerei by LoomableAlone in the Snow by DoinkerooLac en hiver by MrKoldChristmasworld Print Version by wild-woelfchenWinter bird by My-Life-Without-Hairsnow ball by snufkin734Untitled by Monshyy

❤ Have a nice winter guys!

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